New Mission 11 Sneek Peek!

Hey guys today Club Penguin gave us a new sneek peek of Mission 11! On May 18th the new Mission 11 called “The Viggie Villian” is coming out! I really like the name for Mission 11, what about you?

Now to the sneek peek.

From what I see in the picture it looks like it will take place around the Mine. All remember when Herbert droped those pack of corn seeds, look in the picture, it has corn stockings. I wonder how long the row can go? Maybe you’ll have to search for Herbert in the corn maze, that would be very hard to do.

Also Billybob says the new DS and DSi game “Herbert’s Revenge” will be somehow connected to the Mission 11 “The Veggie Villian” I’m half-tempted to buy “Herbert’s Revenge” what about you?


About Moon Man Two

I'm just an 11 year old kid who plays a MMORPG called Club Penguin. I also have a cheats blog where I keep you updated with all the latest C
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