Penguin Times #239

Well as you know a new Better Igloos, and Igloo Upgrades catalogs are coming out today. Here are some ideas from Club Penguin Staff. Also there will be a new igloo coming out! It’s a Grey Ice Castle

Now on the next page you’ll find a section called Last Minute Medieval Adventures. Just click on the srcolls to see the events you should do if you haven’t done them already.

Now lets skip passed all that other stuff and now to the Word Search. I have the cheats for the Word Search for you if you can’t find a word.

Now the Upcoming Events! Now on this page it shows you the upcoming events for Club Penguin. It is weird because all the events but the pin are in June.

The events are.

  • June 1st – Payday for Tour Guides, and Secret Agents
  • June 4th – New Penguin Style
  • June 11th – Return of Ruby and the Ruby to the Stage
  • June 11th – New Postcards

Well that’s a wrap. I hope you enjoyed the new way I gave you the Penguin Times.



About Moon Man Two

I'm just an 11 year old kid who plays a MMORPG called Club Penguin. I also have a cheats blog where I keep you updated with all the latest C
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