Become a Fire Ninja

Do I Need Anything?

To become a Fire Ninja you need or must have these things.

  • A Club Penguin Account
  • You Need A Membership
  • You Need To Be A Ninja

Where Do I Go?

If you are both things go the the Ninja Hideout. Open the Ninja Catalog and buy the Amulet. Your on your way to become a Fire Ninja!

To enter the Fire Dojo, you need to click on the fire thing near the water as seen below,



How Do I Earn My Fire Suit? 

How Do I Get My Cards?

Now go waddle of to the Sensei to get your pack of cards, they are your Card Jitsu cards.



Is There More Things To Learn About?

This game is about luck and chance. There is no real way to tell who is going to win. All you can do is hope that you win, you’ll find this out once you start to play.

Here’s something that I know will happen to you. Lets say a penguin lands on water. You have no water cards. Do you chose snow? No it doesn’t matter what you chose you’ll still lose points.

You can also land on a Card Jitsu Battle block. If that happens and it’s two other penguins on the same block, your not in, because two penguins are on the same block. Now if a penguin lands on that block and no one else is on it everyone is in the battle. The max number of penguins you can have in the game is 4 unlike Normal Card Jitsu where it’s 2.

Are You Ready?

Think your ready? Waddle over to Sensei and talk to him. Click “Earn Your Fire Suit” as seen below.

Have fun on your way to become a Fire Ninja! Remember you can always check how close you are to getting your next item by clicking on the three cards at the bottom.




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