Become a Mod

Do I Need Anything?

To become a Secret Agent you need or must have these things.

  • A Club Penguin Account
  • Your Penguin Must Be 30 Days Old

Where Do I Go?

You don’t go any just click on the Moderator badge at your right hand top corner. You’ll get a pop-up like this.

I Have Tried But I Didn’t Become A Secret Agent, What Did I do Wrong?

Don’t worry if you didn’t pass, you can always try again. But you could use the answers below so you don’t have to keep tring.

  • Yes
  • Honest
  • Being mean or rude
  • Report them
  • Saying their address
  • I want to keep Club Penguin safe
  • I want to help other penguins

It Says I Have Passed, What Do I Do Now?

Open your mail, it’ll say you have become a Secret Agent. You don’t have your Spy Phone, and it tells you to log off. Hold off that log off, there’s no need to. Just waddle over to another room and your Spy Phone will appear just above The Map.



2 Responses to Become a Mod

  1. Moon Man Two says:

    Do you need more in-detail help? Comment below.

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