Club Penguin Cheats and Glitches

Get the Mining Helmet

  • Go into the Mine
  • Go to the Cave in the Mine wall at the top
  • Walk over to the Mining Helmet

Read Old News

  • Go into the Boiler Room
  • Go over to the bottom right hand side
  • Click on the green file cabinet

How to get to the Iceberg

  • Open the map up
  • Click on the cloud looking thing in the water

Change the Sign at the Coffee Shop

  • Go to the Coffee Shop
  • Click on the Coffee and Croissant sign

Throw Items you can Recyle

  • Go to the Recyling Plant
  • Throw a snowball

Dance with the Purple Puffle

  • Go into the Dance Contest game
  • Bring your Purple Puffle with you
  • You know have your purple puffle with you (It also gets you more coins!)

Surf with the Red Puffle

  • Get your Red Puffle
  • Go play the Surfing game

Go Underwater with your Pink Puffle

  • Walk with your Pink Puffle
  • Go to the Iceberg
  • Play Aqua Grabber

Play DJ3K with your Yellow Puffle

  • Walk with your Yellow Puffle
  • Play DJ3K

Talk with the Penguin Times Open

  • Open the Penguin Times
  • Click on the We Need You section at the top
  • Hit the Tab button on your Keyboard until it hits the Chat Bar
  • Now type in whatever you want, then hit Enter two times

Get the Frienship Bracelet

  • Go to the Book Room
  • Open Rockhopper and the Stowaway
  • Flip to the end of the book

Get Rockhopper’s Key

  • Go to the Book Room
  • Open the book The Journal of Captin Rockhopper
  • Filp to the end of the book

Chat Bubble Glitch

  • Say a 7-10 letter word put two spaces in between the words
  • Hit enter

Stand in a Pathway

  • Go to any room
  • Click to go to another room
  • Before you reach the pathway open your mail
  • Wait about 4-5 seconds then open it

Low Definition

  • Press the + or buttons on your keyboard

Wave Very Fast

  • Keep on hitting the W button on your keyboard over and over

Walk Away From Sled Racing, Find Four, and Mancala

  • Play the game
  • Open your mail up

Throw Snowballs Fast

  • Hold down T on your keyboard
  • Then press where to want it to go


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