Puffle Rescue

Here’s the Puffle Rescue Game Guide.

Blue Puffle:

This game is very much like Frogger if you have ever played that. You have to dodge all the things they put in your way and you must be very quick and use my brain abit. If you hop on the wrong log or ice you can loose a life. As I say the Blue Puffle round is very easy.

*The Next Two Games Are For Members Only*

Pink Puffle:

This is pretty much like the Blue Puffle Round but with wooden boxes that will fall if you walk over them so you must move quick. The other thing is that you must ride the Mine Carts to get from one side to another side and the speed of the cart changes on you so it’s kinda hard to tell witch one to ride on. In the second round you can get a bag with 200 coins right next to the Pink Puffle. You’ll also find there are these tanks filled with gas that you must evade by going to one side when the other is spraying gas.

Black Puffle:

This is the last round and hardest out of them all! You have to stay from floating down into the deepest parts of the ocean, that will lose you a life if you do. The first round find the Black Puffle then stay there until you see an octopuss. Follow it, its bubbles with keep you from floating down. You’ll find it goes to a place you can’t go. Go to your right and then keep going. You can go under the green things. You’ll find a stairwell, go into it. Your in the Under Water Room that you can acess from the hiden lake.

Now walk over to the Sliver Moss Key, that will give you acess to the room from the Hidden Lake.

The rest of the game is the same. Don’t float down, and don’t go near the Puffler Fish.


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